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Our bits are hardened and thoroughly tested to do the job well and last.

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Item No. Function
TH-B-050-PH 2x2"Phillips Bit
TH-B-050-SQ 2x2"Square Bit
TH-B-070-PH 2x2-3/4"Phillips Bit
TH-B-070-SQ 2x2-3/4"Square Bit
TH-B-090-PH 2x3-1/2"Phillips Bit
TH-B-090-SQ 2x3-1/2"Square Bit
TH-B-150-PH 2x6"Phillips Bit
TH-B-150-SQ 2x6"Square Bit
TH-B-213A0038 Bit-for 3341 Canister
TH-B-MAG-08-H 1/4"Nut Setter
TH-B-MAG-10-H 5/16"Nut Setter
TH-B-MAG-12-H 3/8"Nut Setter
TH-B-MAG-490 Magnetic Bit Holder
TH-B-MAG-AT08-H 1/4"Tapered Nut Setter

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